Step 1: In the example of approximation to conventional towel dry your hair
If you want to achieve.

Figure 2 and ends with hands and fingers move in combing wet hair.

Step 3 in a hot air drying the roots start. Before the lower layers dry, her hair to send up (to increase drying speed and size).

Step 4 Move to the sides, and the purpose of hair growth (root) of the hot air.

The top layer of hair and different classes to get caught up directly dry (increase volume) for 5 steps.

Step 6, when nearly dry hair by finger combing hair, gently pull the top over the front section.

7 Wrench hair in small sections as the first step and applying low heat.

Step 8 general set section all fall two

Step 9 face the front section and the contract on top layer of hair nets.

Step 10 Attach dryer barrel. Using a round brush, under the ends and dry hair and curl the tip of the brush follow the small parts left. News front, turn and brush again to remove this section of hair and reach a low temperature and smooth application.

And hand size and complexity of the design with different ways to shape the ends of the gel in addition to step 11.

Step 12 feet shook his head slowly. Style for a light hold spray if necessary use.


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