Okay, so I finally go for my hair and makeup trial and I'm very impressed! I am especially impressed with the make-up and techniques used, because frankly I could fix my hair just as well for my wedding, but I do not want to emphasize more make it perfect. Makeup, no ... not my thing! My question is which style you like better ... They are very similar, but I kinda think half the bottom half looks a bit "prom-ish"? He said he will separate the curls at the wedding before I walked down the hallway, but still ... I'm just not sure. So I have to sweep him aside the door. I'm just confused on which one I like better, and who will work with my dress! Thanks in advance for help, bees!

Well curls are not separated ... I have a TON of hair. It will look like Carrie has pictures he had separated them, so he says. He did not want to separate the curls because she wanted my hair will last until my bachelorette shower, tomorrow. It holds fine, but I'm pretty sure I will wash tonight! Danielle and I could not agree more. I'll go get my bangs cut, I'm just a little scared because the last time I got side bangs cut women really effed them ..


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