(Step 1).

Internal corner, line your upper lash line liner pencil. That flow easily choose your life much easier. I Mac, using administrative and operational support Pearlglide cushion Black Russian here.As you approach the corner, and top-blow create a rough outline, and extends past the outer corner of eye. Sure if you're going to make the cone, the African Union the autumn of 2009, DKNY show Äúmodern look.

(Step 2).

Or maximum power and long-lasting color liquid gel to get more in line with the plane. I Military Armistice Commission, the administrative and operational support Fluidline Blacktrack.This what it should look like when finished swear.

(3 phase).

Repeat short line shake. Sure that the two lines join each other in the outer corner make.

(4 steps).

Clean with a q-tip pens and makeup remover made errors or stain. L Äôoreal, administrative and operational support to the clean-up artist corrector pen is ideal for this purpose.

(5 steps).

Curl your lashes several coats of mascara on top to complete the look or a pair of false lashes applied.

Voila! Sexy cat eyes are not at a time.

Additional tips

* If you, Ali Osman and steady hand, not at the top of the table like the rest your elbow on a hard surface try.

* Hard to get to draw a straight line of attack: Some points and connect them.

Always start with the thin line. It is easy to follow line deeper than a thin layer of fat try.

* Time and practice to master cat's eyes, so be patient!


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