If you love fashion, one of the best rewards in life is to be able to wear whatever you want. I'm really having my dreamjob right now, owning my own shop makes me dress up everyday. For me it would be a killer to cover up myself in a uniform most of the week! However: respect for everyone who needs to work in a uniform, most of the times it involves a very important duty!

Our new, 10 times bigger, shop opened this week! We were really busy so haven't been able to make photo's yet but they will follow soon. For now you just have to believe me on my word it turned out really nice :) Come and visit! Hommelstraat 73-77 Arnhem.

PS: My Zara shoes turned out to be to small for my feet :( Debby already got me scared telling they didn't fit her at all. I hope I can swap them for a 39..

Wearing: American Apparal jersey longsleeve, vintage big cross necklace, red vintage skirt, H&M heart socks, Froufrou's armour booties

Photo's by William


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