If your wedding outside, calls for a natural look, or your night to celebrate and say, eyes, lips touching, and brave, you can get a perfect makeup wedding tags and four natural marriage of example, classic, analog, or a romance.
Find natural cosmetics wedding

A natural look to get right on their wedding day, your chances neutrals, with sensitive soft without going overboard, to cover.

Step 1: after sunset, private foundations, face, brass and bronze goddess soft matte using the middle ear and the tip of your nose as a guide use. Combination of powder your nose.

Step 2: the shadow across your entire eye lid PureColor lashline and blend of tea with biscuits, attack, turning his shadow on the forehead: Eyes. Coffee line the upper and lower lashes using double wear eye pencil. , Then with a pencil liner smudger at the end of the presence of smearing. Upper and lower lashes with black mascara on the attack more.

Step 3: Lips: kissable pout for application in beige lipstick PureColor Crystal graduated from.
Classic Wedding Makeup Look

These simple to achieve the perfect combination of classic and elegant follow the steps.

Step 1: Face: signature pink powder blush with his "blushing bride" Create the right cheek, silky kiss: blush application, middle ear and the nose tip to nose manual to create a definition of the natural blend.

Step 2: Eyes: Apply a tea biscuit PureColor eyes lashline and blend to cover the eyes, turning his shadow on the forehead. PureColor copper eye shadow and apply themselves to the outer corner and blend wrinkle contour and definition went down to the lashline. Neatly in pencil up and down your coffee lashline with double-line dress. Projectionist mascara black sweep the upper and lower lashes.

Step 3: Lips: Apply lip liner to lips automatically spice. Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick layer to lock in polished brass, and set the color appearance.
Theatrical makeup wedding look

To achieve dramatic look beautiful on your wedding day, follow these steps, and all eyes will be on you.

Step 1: Face: Although the private foundation is still wet, use a brush to the foundation over the length of the field signature berry satin red light cream applied under the cheekbones to contour your face to determine. Middle ear and a guide and dust signature plum silky soft cheeks as red powder and orange skin cool by the nose tip. Next, apply the signature silky powder blush shading to the cheeks of apple picking and came to understand.

Step 2: Eyes: Apply PureColor shadow on the moon in Bali, started the whole lashline and blend cover, turning shadows on the forehead. Double line the upper and lower lashes with black eye pencil Bloom wear. Application of Bloom PureColor pop his eyes and soft cushion on the construction of the definition set. Bold black upper and lower lashes mascara great lift in the amount of speed.

Step 3: Lips: lip make a bold and automatic lip numbers starting with hot air. Next, Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick in Plum Frost a layer. Pearl graduated from high gloss.
Romantic text encoding extended look at marriage

For a wedding, sweet, romantic look you always dreamed of, and use these tips to create opportunities for soft romantic accents.

Step 1: Face: Although the private foundation is still wet, and signature red cream satin contour and definition to the cheekbones under the naked light on the length of the field seem to apply. Middle ear and the nose tip as a guide, sign silk dust powder blush to create a natural flow of fresh plum. Signature Silky Powder Blush in Pink layer to kiss his cheek apple picking

Step 2: Eyes: eyes browbone Ivory PureColor application box to highlight the eyes. Your application PureColor lashline tea, biscuits and mix colors and a helmet, turning shadows on the forehead.
Double stain in a coffee shop and eye pencil applied to clothing to lashline. After all, increase the amount of broad Deluxe bold black mascara top and bottom lashes.

Step 3: Lips: Line lips and fill them with spices automatic lip plane. Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick in magnificent bronze medal with the layer. Graduated from high gloss honey.


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