William is full of surprises these last weeks, he's the sweetest boyfriend (for almost 8 years now!). For example this Friday he took me to Amsterdam to eat sushi at Kyoto cafe. We drove off straight out of work so I needed to change clothes in the store. I decided to wear this blazer with my flared jeans. It is an eighties Mugler blazer which is already for sale in the shop for ages. Usually our vintage designer items are sold immediately but this blazer gets no attention at all. Probably because of the crappy photo's we took back then. I hope these photo's will change peoples perception because this beauty deserves a new owner! (€ 68,- at Froufrou's!)

PS: Many thanks for all the sweet comments on last outfit post!

Wearing: Vintage Mugler blazer, vintage Polaroid sunglasses, Frankie B flared jeans, vintage knitted sweater, vintage print shirt, Jessica Simpson platform heels, vintage leather Bally clutch


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