We have some hidden rooms in our store, for example this second story room.
It reminds me of how this place used to be when we first visited it. It was dark, empty, cold and full of dust. It didn't even have a full floor, just a gap where you could see the first floor. Or rather a sandbox that suppossedly was made to make an indoor beach. Idea of the previous guy who rented it.

Right now the floor is fixed and we're wondering what to do with the room. As for now it has a photographic-purpose! It gives you a feeling of those big-american-metropolic-abandoned-rooms you sometimes see in films.

Wearing: thrifted denim studded blouse, vintage knitted sweater Froufrou's, H&M studded skirt, striped kneesocks Ebay, strappy wedges Froufrou's, ring Ydeltuyt, vintage feather necklace from a fleamarket in Belgium


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