Last Sunday William surprised me with a little trip to these old trains in Beekbergen. They'e old , or should I say historical, steam locomotives that were used between in the area. The railroadtrack remained and now they use it as an attraction during the summer. Truly a remarkable place hidden in a small village.

Afterwards we went to highest and biggest waterfall in the Netherlands? The highest and biggest what? Waterfall in the Netherlands?! Yes, I was amazed too! Sounds amazing but upon arrival you just see some water floating down a couple of stairs with a height difference of 15 meters. Still funny though.

We decided to end our sunny sunday with a drink on a terrace and landed on the terrace at the Veluwe. A small cabin-bar with terrace overlooking nature's scenery and miles away… Perfect sunday to me!

I recently rediscovered these jeans in my closet which I have never worn before. Too bad they are too big for me now .. I guess I lost a little bit of weight since I bought those. Especially after seeing these photo's I realized the fit of the pants is really bad. But well, they served me really good on this sunny sunday!

Wearing: vintage Polaroid sunglasses, vintage blazer from William, Topman tanktop, Primark beige jeans, Oh my Frock necklace, Froufrou's bag, Diane von Furstenberg lace up heels


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