World fashion celebrity weaponFashion "weapons" necessary to support the promise emergence of man. There are various "weapons" mainstay of the fashion world, such as accessories, shoes, bags, and so on.

Number of Hollywood celebrities, among those who feel obliged to believe that "gun" fashion, and not just because of society, but one of the basis elements. They also performed more optimally, and in terms of efficiency, you can use a lot of coming several times a flagship.

Lanvin bag
Actress Reese Witherspoon has made it a collection of Lanvin bag, as a "weapon" is an elegant flagship. Several times, starting from an informal to semi-formal, actress June Carter Cash in the film "Walk the Line" is a walk in the car to believe it was her favorite.

This one does not exist to death. Male from female, and the user will catch more stable when accelerated. Actress Rachel Bilson as a dense cover of download activity, he was assigned to the color gold booties to accompany each step in a number of measures.

A lot of people, Quentin has become an integral part of your life. Not only to protect the eye motsqvetis bright sun, but elegant face. Actress Anne Hathaway in the sun glasses as a fashion item of the flagship.

Flat Shoes
Not only convenient and easy to wear flat shoes for the different choice of parameters seems a lot of people who do not get tired activated. He also agrees with actress Jessica Alba, who often holds flat shoes of its activities outside the celebrity world. He said that flat shoes are practical and the pace even more convenient, especially if the children were spending time alone.

Clutch bag is same as in the case of a formal, such as couples. But those who have thought the most appropriate model or bag, or if it is quiet at the moment. Partnership, including the favorite actress Kristin Cavallari is often carried out clutch, not only for the party, but at the time he walked the streets in the center.

Leather Jacket
Leather jacket, which is identical to men, masculinity, can be adapted into the flagship fair sex. Actress Halle Berry is one of the many women who often wear leather jackets in the events. In Halle, leather jacket under the impression that the male, but out sexiness to the wearer.


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